An impressive circular stone mound on a hill 224 meters above sea level is an interesting site of unknown purpose. Its shape, construction technique, and pottery fragments suggest it dates back to prehistoric times.

Its high position above Kvarner on a hill separated from Marin Breg Hill near Golovik by a saddle of fertile land and good visual communication in the direction of Brseč and Mošćenice suggest it might have been an important guarding and communication point. The stone ring of impressive size, which was probably formed by collapsed walls (55 x 35 m) enclosing the inner area (32 x 20 m), might have been a small guard post with a protruding additional space (20 x 11 m) on the southern side which was connected to the main embankment. When we consider the role of this site, we must not neglect the possibility of the existence of a grave shaped like a tumulus where an important member of one of the communities that lived in the vicinity was buried. Several dry stone wall structures are visible on the south slope. Modern dry stone walls descend radially from the top enclosing plots belonging to different owners. In the entire area toward Golovik, there are small terraced plots of fertile land surrounded by dry stone walls, which creates a special landscape element.